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Published Products

Special Free Products:
See a dynamic e-book, "God is Light, An End time Revelation" and order it in PDF for free!  Also order in the same free subscription a series on "The Kingdom of God and Your Finances!"  Go here!
Revelations of Divine Healing Book - Order Now

This teaching book in manual form by Greg Nichols is raw Biblical revelation with many healing truths and faith concepts for the seasoned believer or the new believer.  We have it for $10 plus $3 shipping by US mail.  We also have it for $5.00 in an online version in PDF format.  See more here! See an e-book, God is Light, An End time Revelation and order it in PDF for free!  Also order in the same free subscription a series on The Kingdom of God and Your Finances!  Go here!

Hungry Nation - Order Now

This is a Christian fiction and intrigue novel written by Greg Nichols.  Using a backdrop of politics and economics, Greg weaves a tale that reveals the spirit realm and shows how Satan is attacking America and how a group of believers pray and work to overcome the enemy.  Complete with angels, demons and much more, readers have given great reviews to us about this novel.  A great unveiling of the supernatural realm is in this novel.  It is currently on sale for $14 plus $3.25 in shipping.  You may order it at PayPal.   See more here!  

The True Guardians of the Galaxy - Order Now

This is a radical teaching book written by Greg Nichols.  It is full of mysteries for prayer warriors and intercessors, plus, it shares many examples of what God would have the Body of Christ pray about. From tsunamis to volcanoes, to hurricanes and tornadoes and comets and asteroids, to evil beings trying to destroy nations.  Find out God's view on many subjects, such as aliens, nuclear war, and much more. How is the Church like the five characters from the Guardians movie, and how are God's people who move in power like the Jedi from Star Wars?  Are you a seasoned believer that feels passed by in your calling?  God wants to put you to work for Him, in a dynamic 2-part prayer directive laid out in this book.  Order here!

Coming Soon:

Sons of God, Giants and Fallen Angels

This teaching book in manual form by Greg Nichols is an expose of the error in Genesis 6 that exists in the Body of Christ and this book here is actually very revealing of man's high estate in God's Kingdom, God's heart for man, insights on the Redemption, who the sons of God really were and who the giants really were. This teaching is an adventure through the Old Testament revealing God's heart and interesting facts about the genealogy of Jesus, insights about the Flood, and some illustrations of ancient people. 

Heavens Mysteries for the Last Generation

This teaching manual by Greg Nichols is unique.  We are also calling this a handbook for Intercessors for praying in the harvest, as well as great principles and mysteries for the Church for these last days.  You can see a subtle Biblical timetable for man discussed by Greg from the first day of time to the end of time, and insights and revelations pulled out of Jesus' parables to support the information. Also read a discussion of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the angels' role in these last times.

2030 A.D.   (Due out this Fall)

This is a stand alone Christian novel but also the sequel to Hungry Nation above.  This riveting book premise takes love-able characters, who are devout men and women of God and reveals the supernatural even further than the first book did.  Time and space are moved in this Christ centered book, and a view of our future is given a glimpse of, in fiction form.  A story of our great redeeming God is told and woven through time. 

120 Years - This book opens a discussion of God guiding, helping and empowering people to live 120 years based on a phrase in His word. 

Freedom Series #1 - God Wants You Free of Addiction

This is the 1st book in a series about serious addictions and the removal of them by God.  

Freedom Series #2 - The Serpent-less Garden

Book #2 here on addictions, this short book has twists and turns revealing God's love. 

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